Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Nothing wasted.....

We continue to work on the kitchen and now have the new wooden counter tops, made by my husband Scott, and out copper sink in.  Being the restoration "geeks" that we are, we have broken up the kitchen into phases.  With the counter tops done and the sink installed, we are officially done with phase 3!  Next will be installing the dishwasher...sounds easy, however we really want to "hide" it within the cabinets.  The fewer visible appliances, the more primitive the kitchen looks! After that the ceiling will be taken down to expose the beams and new period style lighting will go up. I promise I will post pictures, but I really want to wait until we are done so I can post an album of the entire before and after transformation. 

In the meantime, I thought I would share a really neat thing.  When we first bought the house, we had to cut down the large yews and arborvitae trees and bushes that were along the front of the house.  Unfortunately they had just become too over grown and were suffocating the house.  (If you take a peak back at some earlier pictures you will see these trees).  My Dad, who is extremely knowledgeable about trees and how to plant them, care for them and even cut them, did the honors of taking down the trees.  My Dad is also a fantastic woodworker and took a lot of the wood home to his work shop in NH to use for projects.  A few weeks ago my parents visited (They live about 2.5 hours away) and my Dad had a surprise with him.  From the trees that once stood in front of our wonderful home, he had created candle holders.  What an amazing gift to have something made from a part of the property!  They are beautiful and they sit proudly in the library, not far from the windows where the trees themselves once stood in front of.  It is a really neat thing to see that sometimes you really can make an effort for there to be nothing wasted.....



  1. Hi Nicole,

    I visited your house around 1998 when Betty was still living there. I took a few pictures of the house you may enjoy looking at. droberts651@gmail.com

  2. Hi Derek,
    We would love to see any photos that you have! Feel free to contact us at webbcrew5@roadrunner.com
    Thank you!
    Nicole Webb

  3. Anybody have any ideas for home restoration in Chicago, IL? I need a theme to make my home look nice.