Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!!!

Time has quickly passed by from Fall into winter.  Although we have had little snow, the trees are bare and the cold, cold chill is here.  The joys of winter in Maine, and the joys of winter time heating.  We have done some updating to the heating system and are learning to adjust all the sorts of things one must do in a new house during the first winter in it.  For such a big old beauty, there are many surprising things that we have not had any real issues with.  The windows are strong and much tighter than we thought they would be.  The drafts are not as bad as we were preparing for, and without blocking any rooms off things have been pretty comfortable.  There have been some extremely cold days where it seems the new wood furnace needs a little help from the woodstove in the library and the cookstove in the kitchen, but who doesn't love turning on the Christmas lights in December and curling up to a woodstove!  There will be some things we will do this summer to button up the house more for next year, but that is to be expected!
The Christmas season is upon us and we have decked the halls and couldn't be happier with our beautiful old home for the holidays. I posted a few pictures and hope that you all will enjoy. We wish for Peace on Earth, Good will to all!!!!! Merry Christmas!!!!!