Friday, October 14, 2011

The start of a new life-The Clough House

In August of 2011 my husband and I bought our dream house.  The clough house was built sometime around 1803. (Further research is hinting that it may have been built even earlier). The house is located in Monmouth, Maine.  We had looked for a home for a while, knowing that our first house which was an old, 3 bedroom cape was not going to be large enough for us and our 3 girls for much longer.   We looked at many houses, but it was slow going.  We were looking for something specific, something special.  It had to be old, nothing built after 1830-1840 would do.  It had to have fireplaces, plaster walls, original character and history.  My husband and I are history buffs.  We also love the ocean and everything nautical.  We tend to drag our three young daughters to museums and anything else history related.  We have a huge passion for old houses and enjoy everything about them.  Our first home was a cape built in 1920, we always joked that it wasn't old enough, but it was a great first house.  We knew we would be outgrowing that cape and started our hunt in February 2010 for our next move.  Thankfully we have a fantastic realtor ( If your looking for a home in Maine let me know, I will give you her info!).  She was very patient with us, knowing that we were looking for something very specific and that certain things on our list of wants were not going to budge.  On a whim one winter day, we went with our realtor and looked at the Clough house.  This is where our story begins....

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  1. I grew up just down the hill from this house, at 248 Norris Hill Road :) Stop by and say hi to my parents and siblings, the Hill family!